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Ok.. Since I’m very bored at work because here’s nothing to do at the moment, I decided to use my time writing some bullshit about my life. :) So enjoy..

I came to Riga 25.6.08 in the morning plane and straight after I started my work here.. It was a bit strange again to come to a place where all the people, language, culture are different. I already faced one culture shock when I went back Finland from Czech Republic . It was a reeeeeaaaallllyyyyy strange to spend couple of days in Finland. It was even more easy to come here from Finland since I had some kind of idea what to expect.. Well how is life in Riga then..? It’s fantastic! I thought that in Czech Republic are the most stunning women (And trust me, there are!) but I was wrong, Riga is a beautiful city with the most adorable and beautiful females I’ve seen! I saw last weekend that the night-life in Riga is maximum great! Some of the night clubs are open till 8 in the morning and the party continues till next morning at the worst case :D Riga is full of good night clubs.. Beer is not as good as in Czech but it’s drinkable, weather is nice and there are lot of nice places around Riga (Jurmala for example). Price level is not so “good” I expected. . This IS an expensive city. It’s definitely not cheap to eat in restaurants in here or have a beer in the night-club.. Of course not as expensive than Finland but in many places the prices are the same. If you go to the grocery shop, the story is different. Those places are considerably less expensive than in Finland. Food, booze, cigarettes, everything human being needs for living are pretty cheap in those places.. And what I like in Riga is that this is a big city without 10000000000 tourists in the streets! You really can walk in the old town and hear people talk their own language! I haven’t got too much friends yet but I’ve had a really good time with my workmates and some unknown people so far. :)
Yesterday I signed my contract and found an interesting point – I can use Latcharters flights for free.. So I decided that I will go and see at least Hurghada in Egypt some day. And for me the nice surprise was that it may be possible to travel in the cockpit! That’s something I want to try at least once :)
Then what is fucked up in Riga..? Well.. many things.. but what I’ve seen the big problem is traffic.. shit.. Even though it is nice to drive with a company’s big tank-style JEEP the traffic and streets are really bad. The system just doesn’t work in here. No matter where you have to go, you have to drive through Riga city center and that causes fucking large traffic jams.. well. That’s one.. then you have to be aware with your things in here. Especially playing with credit cards in certain places can be really brutal.. in night time it’s not safe to walk alone in certain places.. Also you have to be clever with taxi drivers, they can fool you every now and then.
I could write the whole night about thing’s in here but now I’m too tired of that also.. waiting for tomorrow (Fri) when Teemu and Noora are coming to see me. Then looking forward to Saturdays Essential Knockout party - The biggest electronic music party in Baltic countries!

Grab my new Latvian number and e-mail and in case you want to contact me.

GSM: +37120201971
e-mail: mikko.makela@latcharter.com

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